Institut für Zuverlässiges Rechnen
Leiter: Prof. Dr. Siegfried M. Rump

dintlab A general demo of some features of INTLAB.

darithmetic Details about interval arithmetic.

dintval Some examples of interval computations.

dintlab_larger Some larger examples with INTLAB.

dstdfcts Accurate real and complex interval standard functions in INTLAB.

dawa ODEs: The AWA toolbox.

dtaylormodel ODEs: The Taylor model toolbox.

dglobal Global (un-)constrained optimization and all roots of nonlinear functions.

dpolynom The polynomial toolbox (univariate and multivariate polynomials.

dgradient Gradients: automatic differentiation of multivariate functions.

dhessian Hessians: automatic differentiation with second derivative.

dtaylor Taylor series: automatic Taylor coefficients.

daffari Affine interval arithmetic.

dslope Slopes: automatic slope generation.

dutility Utility routines.

dfl fl-numbers: k-bit point and interval arithmetic.

dlong Long numbers: a non-optimal multiple precision package.

daccsumdot Accurate summation and dot products.