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Starting with Version 9, INTLAB is compatible with GNU Octave and has been tested with the GNU Octave 4.0 Windows version.

After opening the GUI, change to the INTLAB directory and call startintlab.

When using INTLAB under GNU Octave the first time, the setround routine, using the MEX-interface, will be built automatically. If a problem occurs, you will be prompted to run INTLAB_PATH/setround/octave/MakefileSetround.m to generate setround.mex manually.

Alternately you can choose to use a setround routine, using the native OCT-interface Put that file in the same directory as MakefileSetround.m and run this script again.

Many thanks to Kai Torben Ohlhus for help with GNU Octave.

Prof. Dr. Siegfried M. Rump
Institute for Reliable Computing
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